The Fourth

Genre : novel (season 1 finished)

Keywords : Wulin, matial arts, history, previous life

Auteur : Eveheyon

Synopsis : Shalin LONG and Swenss XIA lived in 2030, un world well developed in term of high tech. Yet, they passed through a thousand years and arrived in Tang Dynasty pending an air crash, and they were separated while the teleportation. Afterwards, each of them had encountered different things. After they found each other, something unnoticed has changed. Swenss tries to find his way home by all means, whereas Shalin hesitates. On the one hand, she doesn't want to leave her buddies in Tang, on the other hand, her family is waiting her back in 2030...

Season 1 : The Wheel of Fate - Departure

Volume 1 : Arrival in Tang Dynasty

Shalin LONG and her mentor Swenss XIA had passed through time and arrived in Tang Dynasty. luck, or disaster?

A flower grown in the greenhouse, how will it become if it lose its shelter?

Volume 2 : A Dangerous World

Is the world dangerous or are the humans perfidious? Reputation, power, fortune... From the moment when you interfere in the jianghu affair, who can cast off it easily?

Maybe we only grow up through harms.

Volume 3 : In Search

Where are we? And where is the destination? Stay or leave, we always lose something or someone. How much time is left to spend with the people that are important to us?

Demon and I

Genre : short story

Mots-clés : fiction, demon, vampire, Ars Goetia

Auteur : Eveheyon

Synopsis : what's wrong? what's right? Human, demon or vampire, can you tell me who's absolutely wrong and who's absolutely right? When love and hate entangled, how to clear up my mine? From the moment you become my only ray of light in darkness, I swear to protect you at all costs.

1. 恶魔之奴 2. 吸血非鬼 3. 生世契约 4. 爱恨情仇 5. 迟来的爱 6. 前因后果