The website revision's progress

28th Mars, 2018

Currently, home page, info section, gallery section and game section are successfully updated, whereas other sections are still reworking.

We've finally decided to edit a multi-lingual website (Chinese, English and French), therefor the time of revision has lengthened. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

About the Secret Base section

25 Feb, 2018

The Secret Base is now transformed to Feedback section, each and every visitor can find it on the navigator.

We look forwards to receiving your feedbacks!

Our website will be gradually reworked from February 18

17th Jan, 2018

We've just reworked our home page: avgequinox.com; and then gradually redo the rest of the webpages. Please do not be surprised if you see a difference in style. The renewal will be completed as soon as possible and we hope that you would like our new website!

About multi-lingual website

27th Dec, 2017

At first, we thought to write the website contents in 3 languages: Chinese, English and French. But, in consideration of the database memory, and we're in short of hands, we've finally decided to translate only the Info section and About section into 3 languages, and the rest of webpages will be written in Chinese and English only.

Secret Base is now OPEN!

24th Dec, 2017

You can't find the Secret Base on our website? That's normal! Because it's SECRET BASE!

Then let me give you tips to find it out!

1. We can only find it on Home Page! Now we're on the Home Page, if not, click on our logo icon (in the top right corner when you're visiting other sections).

2. The Secret Base is on the moon! I'll let you find it out!

One last thing, Merry Christmas Eve!