The Fourth - Game Protagonist Biographies

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Shalin LONG

The heroine of the game The Fourth, and players play her role. Shalin lived in China in 2030, but she travelled through time to Tang Dynasty with her mentor Swenss XIA while an air accident. When she waked up again, she found that she was separated from Swenss, so her primary goal in Tang Dynasty was to find her mentor.

Shalin is a lighthearted, cheeky and glib foodie, but players can customize their own personality, that means you can play a different Shalin from the original story.

She was a ordinary girl. Her parents divorced and her father brought her up alone. She was a ordinary person with common marks in school, without a clear objective in life. But everything had changed after she met Swenss.

She is proficient in tarot reading, and she has always been proud of it.

Shalin has learnt topping Ching Kung(or Qing Gong, arts of dodge and fly😊) in Tang, but she was bad at martial arts. Fortunately, she was agile and clever enough to dodge attacks.

Swenss XIA

The first main character that appeared in the game. He is only 19 years old and he masters various kinds of divinatory arts. Various TV shows and magazines invited him to an interview. That's the reason why Swenss was so famous among female students at school.

Swenss was abandoned by his mother, and he never got to know who's his father. He was brought up by his grandfather.

Formerly, his grandfather was well-known in the field of divination. He taught Swenss all of his knowledge. Swenss has never felt parents' love, that was why he trusted nobody but his grandfather. After his grandfather passed away, Swenss became indifferent, and he began to hate divination, because he hates a predeterminate destiny. But all those misfortune seems to be ousted after he met Shalin.

At the beginning, he refused to be friend with her, but Shalin's cheerful and cheeky gradually warmed his heart up. The wall that surrounded his heart was beginning to collapse, just for her.

Swenss is very quiet and mysterious. His personality and his fame make him became more and more popular among girls. Only Shalin knows his true self - an older kid that get angry easily but also easy to coax.

Swenss has been practicing staff from his childhood and he masters it. This exercise helps him to relax.


He was the first person that Shlin met after she came to Tang Dynasty. Desi is nominally a general but actually he's emperor's especial guard. He always seems to be serious and he is tall and strong enough to fear people withous saying a word. In fact, he is a nice person and he barely get angry.

Desi sneakingly worked for the emperor Xuanzong before he ascended the throne. Desi hadn't thought about getting married due to his hardworking. But one day, his mother arranged a wedding and forced him to marry his childhood friend. They don't love each other, but they had no right to refuse.

At the first time Desi saw Shalin, he felt like he'd met a old friend. He believed her even she told him that she came from a world of one thousand years later. He felt odd and curious, but strangely reliable. If he really wants to know why, he may have to read his previous life to understand.

After their first meet, Shalin left several times withous saying anything. She's so mysterious that he couldn't help but often think of her.

Desi is conversant with sword and spear. But usually he only take the Longchuan Sword* along, which is bestowned by the emperor.

Longchuan Sword* was called Long Yuan Sword, people renamed it because it had the same character as Tang Dynasty's first emperor's name (Yuan LI). It was said that Yuan LI had once owned the sword, but the sword was buried in imperial mausoleum after his death. But it was also said that Yuan LI gave the sword to his son, the second emperor of Tang Dynasty.

Yuentsan ZHU

He is the elder but also the yougest man of Bisha Brigand. When Yuentsan was a kid, his family was very poor and his parents were not able to raised him, so they sold him to get money. Then Yuentsan escaped, he tramped the streets, begging and stealing so as to survive. Fortunately, he met a old man who's name is Shabi. The old man took good care of him and travelled a lot with him. Afterwards, the old man lost his legs, then he decided to built his residence at mountain, and set up Bisha Brigand. That's how Yuentsan became the elder of Bisha Brigand.

Yuentsan has been grateful to the old man, and respected him a lot. He has tried his best to manage the brigand and he took care of the old man as his father. But he has never thought of becoming the leader.

He is loyal and careful, that's why he has decided to look after Shalin after she became the new leader of Bisha Brigand. And he considers it as his foremost mission.

Yuentsan always calls himself "the old". Sometimes he looks after Shalin like a brother taking care of his sister, sometimes like a servant that serves his master. He's gentle as a breeze, that gives Shalin desire to tease him.

Shabi old man taught Yuentsan martial arts and concealed weapon skills since his childhood, but he had no talent for martial arts, he often hesitate when he attacked. That's why the old man hadn't accepted him as disciple, only taught him some movements in martial arts.

Although Yuentsan is not a skilled fighter, he is good at inventing concealed weapons.

Lentsuey LING

Lentsuey is Wulin Leader Moutien LING's foster son. He is a man of few words, careful and serious.

When he was a kid, a renowned fortune-teller told him that he was born with incomplete soul and he must glean the four soul fire by experiencing and toughtening to complete his life. He was born frail. After he found his first soul fire - health, he became healthy and he trained a lot to become a skilled swordsman. Before he found his "emotion" soul fire, he couldn't really feel the love of family, didn't even mention the love between man and woman. His name Lentsuey, which mean "cold" and "scarce" in Chinese, remind him of his soul is incomplete.

Lengtsuey has a younger brother (Chung Ying) and a younger sister (Dingfu), they both are also adopted by Moutien. Dingfu likes him since her childhood, and Chung Ying has always loved to stay with him. They followed Lentsuey like two little rabits, cute and full of vigor.

Though he seems to be indifferent and he barely shows expression, it's all because his soul lacks of "emotion". He doesn't talk much, but he is thoughtful and attentive. Take action to show one's concern better than millions honeyed words.

Shalin saved Lentsuey's life at their first meet. Then she helped him when he had been chasing. Here the reason he laid down his vigilant and let her joined the journey. They have known each other only for a short time, but they have gone through thick and thin together, a strong feeling was sowed in both of their heart.

Lentsuey's Great Sword is a gift from Moutien, one of the ancient eminent swords. It had been recasted to exploit its full potential.