Game development's progress report

February 2018

The Chinese New Year is on February, we have less time for the projet due to New Year parties.

The website that we've written is quiet inconvenient, so we've started to redesign it from 18. And the painting has to delay.

The new look of the website isn't that cool but at least it's simply and easy to read.

January 2018

After a long consideration, we have finaly decided to use The NVL Maker instead of AVG Orange. The NVL Maker is a free game programming software, on the contrary, it doesn't provide materials like backgound images. That means not only we have to design characters, but also to draw backgrounds, user interface, etc. The game development's progress will slow down.

We have learnt SketchUp as to draw background images, it's a 3D modeling computer program for a wide range of applications such as architectural, interior design, etc.

November - December 2017

December: Our game developement is progressing well, we've already written 10 000 words of scenario. The program we use AVG Orange offers a plenty of free materials, but at the same time, its terms of use harm author's rights. So, we have to think about if we need to change the game programming software. In regard to the website, it will be ready to launch on 24.

November: The characters drawing and the game programming progress steadily. The program we use is AVG Orange, it provides numerous free background images which help us to reduce the time of drawing.

July - October 2017

October: We have decided to adapt the novel The Fourth for AVG game, and we've started to design the characters also to creat a website to stock information and advertise our game.

September: Website builder courses.

July et August: Digital painting courses.