The Fourth - Game story introduction

A 17 years old girl who lives in China in 2030 (Shalin LONG - protagonist / player), travelled through time to Tang Dynasty with her mentor Swenss XIA while an air accident, and they were separated while teleportation. Withous coins and friends, what would happen to these two strangers in this age?

While the heroine travels through time, the player's soul is absorbed into heroine's body 😵. From then on, you have to continue the story as Shalin... Maybe you've got a bit panic (or not) when you realize that your soul is sealed in her body. Don't be affraid, the GM (Game master) has prepared a cellphone📱 for you, it will give you all information you need.

Shalin has a predestined affinity with Wulin. She doesn't belong to 2030, neither the royal palace of Tang, but Wulin. However, the Wulin conflicts are as fierce as the fighting for power in royal palace. How will you find a safe place in Jianghu?

On the one hand, you must find Swenss. On the other hand, you have to survive in this strange age. During this long journey, you will meet different people, make friends, even find a beloved. You may complain how harsh the living conditions, however, you will feel sad when the time comes to leave. What you have experienced will become an unforgettable souvenir that engraved on your mind.

Though your soul has occupied Shalin's body, your memory isn't synchronized. The fragments of Shalin's past memories flash upon your mind over time.

The body belongs to Shalin, but you are still who you are. You have the right to decide what to do with your life. In the river of destiny, you or she, are only an insignificant drop. Her fate is written, but how about yours? It's all up to you.

All good things must come to an end. So what does your destiny looks like?