The Fourth - Game features introduction

№1:Customize your personality

At the very begining of the game, player reads the story as observer. But after the prologue, player becomes heroine of the game. Different strokes for different folks. In the same situation, each player makes different choice. So, our long journey will start with customizing the personality.

The Fourth offers 8 different personalities and player can choose 4 of them: 【Clever】 or 【Obstuse】, 【Edacious】 or 【Abstemious】, 【Compassionate】 or 【Indifferent】, 【Glib】 or 【Taciturn】. Once the choices are done you can no more go back, unless restart the game. Different personalities lead to different scenarios, funny, right?

P.S.: Some personalities have a large impact on endings.

№2:Tarot reading

The main storyline's tarot reading's results are predetermined, whereas the minor storyline's tarot reading's results are random. The card you draw will predict the next event that gonna to happen.

The type of tarot we use is Rider-White tarot. Major Arcana and Minor Arcana are used in main storyline to obtain a result more precise and only Major Arcana is used in minor storyline.


№3:Find your past memories

The player is become the heroine Shalin, but you don't have her memories, the so-call "lost memories". Nevertheless, these memories are essential to unlock some endings. But how can you find them?

To tell the truth, you may not be able to do much. Let nature takes its course, the memories will ring your doorbell one day. If ever you can't remember anything, let go the past and you may meet your new future.

№4:Detective mode

The player needs to solve some puzzles which are the hiding stories in the game. Those puzzles are rather easy, and there is no punishment in case you fail.

There is a very unique ending - the "True Ending". The truth will emerge only if you find the puzzles' answers.


№5:Fighting mode

The story mainly takes place in Wulin, so the fight is inevitable. As AVG game, the fighting mode is certainly easy to handle. During a combat, you can choose moves to fight your opponent. If you have chosen a wrong move, then you must take beatings.

To win a combat, speed, boldness and precision are necessary. This is why the time to take decision is limited. If you don't react in time, you may take beatings or worse, stabs.


№6:Bonus - Characters' story

Each main character have 2 different endings (Shlin*2, Swenss*2, Desi*2, Yuentsan*2, Lentsuey*2), then 10 endings in total. When you unlock one of endings of a character, his secret story will also unlock. The story tells character's childhood, background, funny things and his confession of love 💖.

In addition, after unlocking one of each character's ending, you will also unlock all supporting characters' story! They may be your friends or enemies, how much do you know about them?