The Fourth - Game Supporting Roles Biographies

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Papa LONG(Tien Sian LONG)

Shalin LONG's father. He got divorced when Shalin was a baby and he brought her up alone. It doesn't matter if her daughter become a successful person or not, as long as she is happy, that's enough for him as a father.

Papa LONG is a bar owner. He's diligent and responsible. Face with fierce competition, he works hard to build up his business.

When he leart the flight which Shalin was on board has been fallen into the sea, Papa LONG passed out.He prays for her daughter everyday, hoping that she would come back one day.

The old man Shabi

The founder of Shabi Brigand (which is renamed Bisha Brigand afterwards). The old man Shabi is almost 70 years old, he was a grand master in martial arts that was famous in all corners of the country (Jianghu). Sadly, he lost his legs while a tournament of Wulin leader's election a few years ago. Subsequently, the old man retreated from Wulin, decided to live in the mountain. Many of his supporters gathered up to support the old man, this is how Bisha Brigand was founded. They rob from the rich and give to the poor, exactely like Robin Hood.

The old man was a highly skilled archer, he was also good in concealed weapons and Ching Kung (or Qing Gong, arts of dodge and fly). But what made him the most pround was the art of pilferage that he invented him-self - Pilfer barehanded😅.

A renowned fortune-teller had predicted the next brigand leader would be appeared in seven days after Great Heat (22th July in lunar calendar), and this new leader would bring about a prosperous time to Shabi Brigand. This person was Shalin.

In the end, the old man is dead after he transmits all of his internal energy (Nei Gong) to Shalin.

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Zhier LAI

Yao Sheng LAI's third child (Yao Sheng is the most celebrated doctor in Jianghu). Zhier is a girl cultured, courteous and she is attracted by herbs study. She was a beautiful girl that many young men from a good familly sent her a wedding proposal. Pitifully, she got disfigured in an unexpected incident, and those wedding proposals were canceled, pretended that nothing had happened.

Zhier loves to read, and she is particulary interested in the books about medicine and matial arts, which help her to recognize a great amount of plants and matial arts. However, she hardly goes out, her dream is to go on a long journey and to experience the life.

Unlike her sister Yuer, Zhier is soft and nice. She respects and listens to her parents' words, yet she ignores her own will.

After she got disfigured, elle always put on a veil. Her life is no more brilland as before, she fells weak and powerless to keep moving towards.

Yuer LAI

Yao Sheng LAI's fourth child (Yao Sheng is the most celebrated doctor in Jianghu). Yuer is 15 years old, naive and capricious. Elle always talks withous thinking and offends people withous knowing it.

The whole LAI familly devote themselves to medicine except Yuer. She doesn't like reading nor practicing martial arts, she's only interested in dressing.

Yuer fell in love with Swenss at first sight, and she tried hard to make him stay. After he left, Yuer lost her temper and she blamed everyone.

Yuer turns against her familly just for Swenss.

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Chung Ying LING

Chung Ying is Wulin Leader Moutien LING's foster son. When he was a kid, a renowned fortune-teller had seen that Chung Ying has a predestined affinity with Taoism. Then Chung Ying grown up, he decided to turn against his fate, because he doesn't want to become a Taoist.

Chung Ying is a guy optimistic and audacious. He always looks like joky, indeed, he hides his worries that no one could see it.

In some ways, Chung Ying and Shalin are alike. They hit it off at their first meet.

They have a row every time Chung Ying sees his foster sister, it happens since their childhood. Even their foster father Moutien LING could do nothing to stop it.

Dingfu LING

Dingfu is Wulin Leader Moutien LING's foster daughter. She is helpful and vigorous, and even more vigorous when she bicker with Chung Ying.

In her childhood, a well-known fortune-teller said that she committed a sin in her past life, and she must atone it. Moutien gave Dingfu (means "certain" and "happiness") as her name, hoping that she could grow up safely and happily.

When she learns the meaning of her name, Dingfu thinks that she could master her own destiny, thus, she doesn't worry too much about her future.

Dingfu admires Lentsuey since her childhood, and she loves to stay by his side. But luckless, Chung Ying always get in her way, that's why she finds he's annoying, and this's also the cause that they often bicker.

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Suey(Blood) SIMEN

Dou(Poison) SIMEN's favorite disciple, excel at poison, detoxication and disguise.

Suey is not his real name, is his code name. And SIMEN is not his last name neither, all disciples of The Poison Sect carry this name.

Suey has joined The Poison Sect for several years. Though he seems to be cruel and heartless, he keeps his sole kindness in the corner of his heart. Trust doesn't exist in The Poison Sect, they suspect each other, you never know who would be the next person that betray you. You must fight to survive.

Suey was a kind man, but why would he join The Poison Sect? Maybe people who know the answer don't exist on the earth anymore.

Dou(Poison) SIMEN

The chief of The Poison Sect, he is barely 60 years old and all of his hair is white. He's cruel, perfidious and avaricious. He is infamous for confecting venom.

The Poison Sect possesses numerous disciples, controled by the drug confected by Dou SIMEN. The poisoned disciples must take an antidote once a month or they will die painfully. They obey Dou's orders withous question, as to obtain the antidote, and they fight against each other to draw Dou's attention.

Dou is very ambitious, he wants to dominate the whole Wulin. During the last tournament of Wulin Leader's election, Dou was hopeless to win against the old man Shabi, still, he broke the rule and stung Shabi's legs by using poisonous needles. Although Yao Sheng LAI (the most celebrated doctor in Jianghu) detoxicated the bloodstream in time, Shabi lost his legs. Despite all his insidious attemps, Dou lost the tournament, and he was badly injured, which left him hemoptysis. That's why he has hard feeling against Shabi, even against Shalin.

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An imperial physician as skilled as Yao Sheng LAI. She is still sigle at her 29 years old. Dosine devoted herself entirely to medicine, quirky and phlegmatic. No one knows her background, we only know that she has saved a great amount of people between life and death.

Her background remains secret, but it seems that she is hostile to LAI familly.

She is not only an experienced doctor, but also a master of deguise.

She seems to be not concerned with other people, yet she is a doctor. It appears that she simply wants to prove herself.