About Founder

Hello, everybody! I'm the founder of AVG Equinox studio - Eveheyon, a dreamer, you can also call me Dream Seller.

AVG Equinox focus on Otome Game development. What we sell are dreams, wonderful dreams.

Currently, I'm the only staff of the studio. In order to realize my dream, I've leart all of skills that may help me, digital painting, web design, translation, programming, etc. This website is one of my works, and I've also uploaded other works online. Although the painting and the design are far to be outstanding, I believe if I hold it out, I will creat a work that make me pround.

The studio is founded not so long ago, in fact, we're short-handed and we lack of capital (the key point 😭). In this case, we can only keep on the projects as amateur. Thus, fund-raising is the key to run our projects effectively with quality. If you're interested in our projects and you want to invest in our studio, or if you have any questions or any advise, please contact: avgequinox@gmail.com

About AVG Equinox

Q: What is an Otome Game? 🙄

An Otome Game is a story-based video game that is targeted towards women. To make the idea clear, an Otome Game is like a visual novel, there are characters, backgrounds, music, etc. In the game, player can make choose while dialogues, play mini-games, or investigate things. Different choices lead to a different ending!

AVG Equinox tries to add more game features as so players have more options! For instance, the Otome Game that we're developing The Fourth, players can customize their own personalities! And different personalities touch off different scenarios, these are the keys to achieve different endings! Moreover, we've added detective mode, fighting mode, etc. If you want to know more, you can find more information in Game section. 😘

Q: Why you said that you sell dreams? 🙄

We believe that everyone must have already imagined their future partner's looks or personalities, or something unreal, inexistent.

Most of time, reading a book, a manga, or watching tv allow you to see a different world, as same as video game.

AVG Equinox wishes to offer a wonderful and real experience to players through a video game. Players could feel characters' happiness and sadness in the game, like they have gone through theirselves.

When you dream, what you feel in the dream seems so real. And this is our objective, to give players an experience as impressive as in a dream, a seconde life.


E-mail: avgequinox@gmail.com

E-mail: contact@avgequinox.com